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Nox to Produce LVT in U.S.

REPRINTED FROM FLOOR COVERING NEWS–Leading Asian LVT manufacturer Nox. Corp. will open a state-of-the-art LVT manufacturing facility in Fostoria, Ohio, by the end of this year. The move will make Nox the first Asian manufacturer to operate its own LVT facility in the U.S.

Known for producing LVT components like wear layers, print films and more in addition to finished products, Nox is investing tens of millions of dollars into modifying the space which spans a little over 300,000 square feet. The plant, expected to be up and running by November, will supplement the company’s primary manufacturing facility in South Korea, which has a capacity of 500,000 square feet. Fostoria will initially have a capacity of 50 million square feet with the ability to expand based on consumer demand.

The decision to start producing LVT in the U.S. was made in an effort to create further differentiation for the manufacturer. “(The decision) was not in response to U.S. manufacturers building domestic plants,” said Dan Koh, president. “We want to differentiate our company from the many other Asian manufacturers supplying LVT to the U.S. market.”

The location of the new facility was strategically chosen because of Fostoria’s popularity within the automotive industry, as well as its close proximity to multiple states throughout the country. “The area is known for the automotive industry,” Koh said. “So when (that industry) suffered a downtown, many skilled workers became available. We also found there are a few other Asian companies in Fostoria, so there was a belief that the city and state were open for investment. The state offered us some training and other incentives to build there.”

The new facility exemplifies Nox’s growing commitment to the U.S. market and to vertically integrated manufacturing. Among others, the primary benefit of the site includes an improved production process, resulting in shorter lead times and superior customer service. As the only OEM/ODM LVT plant in the U.S., Nox will be able to cater to the specific design needs of various markets, allowing North American customers to have access to an array of quality products.

Koh explained that domestic production will help improve Nox’s service levels. “We are looking forward to this opportunity to better serve current customers in the United States and to commit to continue to be the best OEM/ODM manufacturer in the LVT industry.”

Specializing in glue down, click and loose lay LVT, Nox is no stranger to innovation, in fact, it has been a leading manufacturer of LVT since 1994 and reaches customers in 50 countries. As the first to produce loose lay LVT on a mass scale, the family-owned manufacturer utilizes advanced technology to produce innovative designs that meet and surpass the requirements of its customers worldwide.

In addition, Nox’s Integrated Vertical Production (IVP) system has enabled the company to commit to its customers with consistent quality standards and innovative products such as its patented, first-to-market LVT click in 2005. “The new facility will also reflect Nox philosophies of reliability, possibility and discipline,” Koh noted.

Aside from its Loom brand of resilient hybrid products, the company plans to continue as an OEM manufacturer, supplying product to some of the largest LTV supplies in the U.S. With more than 3,000 designs created in-house by its own design team, Nox ensures each of its customers has unique styles, whether through its individual creation or a collaboration.

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